This Theory Says That Aliens May Be Under The Ice, Understand

Jun 11, 2021 Aliens Frozen

The universe is really big, making the possibility of other races and life forms out in space very large. So why so far haven’t we found these extraterrestrials? This is the questioning of Fermi’s Paradox , which unfolds into thousands of questions. Many of the theories focus on questioning what is preventing all existing civilizations in space from meeting. There are several possibilities, from sleeping to being present but not realizing it. However, a new theory has emerged: what if the aliens are frozen or trapped beneath large ice crusts ?

Aliens frozen

According to planetary scientist Alan Stern, from the Southwest Research Institute in Colorado, USA, oceanic planets are very common in our solar system. Consequently, they would also be common in the rest of the universe. But unlike Earth , the waters in this world are under a thick layer of ice. But if you think that this can prevent these beings from being able to live in these conditions, you may be sadly mistaken.

Just as life on Earth sustains itself in the deep sea thanks to the heat and chemicals coming out of hydrothermal vents, extraterrestrial life may be thriving on ventilation systems produced through the geological activity of their ocean worlds. And if you’re living on chemical energy from your own planet instead of solar energy from a star, your planet could potentially be located anywhere.


If it is possible that they live, what prevents them from having evolved much more than us? They are probably light years ahead of us, at least 3 billion years ahead according to the scientist.